I am not sure how much you know about trans girls, but many of us have a severe dislike of our genitals (in my case disgust is more accurate). However, I am very submissive and love getting fucked and used. The issue is that, no matter how hard I try, I am unable to cum in any way from anal, and I’m too uncomfortable with my cock to touch it very much. So I’ve been unable to cum for a very long time, and I honestly can’t see that changing anytime soon.

I’ve always thought of it as a really depressing part of being trans, but reading your blog, I realize what a unique and special thing anorgasmia is! Next time I get fucked until I’m a whining, dripping mess, I’ll think of what a lucky toy I am ^.^  <3

I’m so happy it’s helped transform something depressing into something amazing!

Your situation is not embarrassing in my opinion, and it’s actually not THAT unusual. As I’ve said before, I think girls with a cock are actually really exciting to deny, as what you see as your disadvantage is an advantage to me. You see, one area in denial that cocks have the edge over pussies is the fact they are so much easier to lock up! So personally I’d lock you up in one of these:

Pink silicon chastity cage which are about $10-15 from Aliexpress or Ebay.

So yeah, what you see as a major issue, for denial purposes I think is absolutely brilliant.

I can understand how hard it is to have that cock reminding you that you’re different, but you know what, we’re all different. Everyone one worries about it. Most people, from the most vanilla to the ultimate kinkster have bits of themselves they don’t like. So, if you can, try to give your cock a little bit of love. 

You’re a girl, with a cock. It makes you special, not weird. To some people it makes you the most desirable sexual object on this planet, because, if you come to terms with it, it can be super sexy. A report last year showed that 10% of porn profits for a major porn company come from trans porn!!! That’s a lot of people loving and being turned on by all of what you are.

So, if you find it helpful, I’d suggest you try thinking about your cock not in terms of defining what you’re not, but what you are, which is an amazing and sexy person. You’re a chick with a dick (I know, it’s a porn term but the fact it rhymes is too awesome) and that’s so fucking hot! 

Just as you’ve been able to embrace the concept of being BNIB, it might just be possible to learn to love your girlcock/boiclit, and so not have to struggle with being disgusted by any part of yourself, because that’s not how we want to have to live, is it. If you look up small penises and big clits, honestly… you see how similar it all is! All that happened was in the womb, your brain took one direction while your body took the other. The result is still uniquely YOU, and all of you is deserving to be loved, not just by other people, but by you first and foremost.

I hope you’ve seen Denial Academy had it’s first trans student recently:

Kitty’s First Day starring the amazing Kitty Lynn

On a practical note, have you tried a large butt plug with a strong vibe like a Hitachi Wand against it? That’s a very effective way to cum from anal in my experience. Not that I’m encouraging you to cum, I love your BNIB status, but it might let you get ruined occasionally, just to add to the frustration. 

I hope all that helps. I know it’s a complex and difficult subject, but just look how things are changing in terms of awareness and acceptance in the media on virtually a monthly basis and be encouraged.

Like all of us, you are unique and amazing, and you, all of you, is worthy of love, just the way you are. And anyone who thinks differently, can go fuck themselves. 😉

I just replied to this message on the Brand New in Box blog but thought it might be useful reading for some of my followers here too.

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