Hi! A few hours ago I checked out your bdsmlr page, and it worked, apart from the fact that it asked whether I was already 18 and i had to click “Okay” not “Yes” (which would have made more sense grammatically, I guess, so I wonder if this was already sketchy). Now your link doesn’t work anymore and it says such a site does not exist. Do you know what’s causing this? Potentially a virus? Greetings, Liz

Hey Liz,

Seems to be working okay for me, although I must concur with your concerns about poor grammar, let’s wipe that shit out!

BDSMLR are working hard to keep up with demand after the Tumblr exodus so it was probably just an outage they were having. Pretty sure it’s not going to be a virus, unless their web programmer has a cold, that is.

Try it again:


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