What an eminently practical question, good job.

So what can work really well is you MAKE your edging and denial reliant upon you being productive.

So, two main elements to it. You set yourself a daily schedule for studying, and other disciplines like some exercise, getting to bed on time, etc. You add an edge to start your day off as an incentive, but apart from that you are not allowed to edge unless you’ve completed your plan that day. You are on no touch until the next morning.

Then, if you manage a set number or days, say 3 in a row,  or 6 out of 7 you get a reward, I’d suggest ruined orgasm as good option if you’re really into denial.

Then in regards to the actual tests, set out now what you should achieve, and if you get all the grades you were aiming for, you get to cum, probably a lot. Otherwise, you have to ruin it too.

Beyond that it’s helpful to share the experience with a friend, even if they don’t do the denial, a kink positive friend who can make sure you’re not being stupid is always good. And if you have one, a dom or domme to guide you is even better.

Ultimately, if it’s not working, just have a ruin to clear your mind, that often helps. And if that doesn’t, then cum! Orgasm denial is amazing, but it should be enhancing normal life, not detracting from it. 

Let us know how you get on,



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