There are no stupid questions here!

Firstly the main answer is you have to learn for yourself what YOUR signs are, as they do vary. But here are some:

  • You feel the pleasure move beyond just your clit and pussy and start to spread through your whole body
  • Your clit gets swollen and firmer, your pussy lips may too
  • Everything gets very sensitive, so you have to use lighter and slower touches
  • You find yourself holding your breath or tensing and arching your back
  • You lose awareness of what’s going on around you
  • It just feels amazingly, incredibly good and you think if it feels any better you will orgasm!

However, I’m at a disadvantage as I don’t have a clitoris, so I asked someone who does, the ever wonderful (and constantly denied) cococun-t:

The line between not coming and coming is sometimes so grey, especially if you aren’t used to it. The way I got through it was actually letting myself orgasm sometimes and paying attention to what happened to my body just before my orgasm or on the build up. Then put what I learned to practice when edging.

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