I do love specific asks. This isn’t one of them…

I don’t know if you’re a guy, or a girl. I have no idea if this is your first time or not. ‘Can you give me some advice/positions’ is so vague it hurts.

Despite all that (OMG people please be specific with questions, it helps so much) here’s a few little pointers

Start with your MOUTH. Nope, I don’t mean oral sex, I mean, WORDS. Tell her how beautiful you think she is, how you feel about her, how excited she makes you. Get her wet on words alone.

Then use your HANDS. Touch her, caress her, tease her. Take your time, there’s no rush. Treat her like you’re unwrapping a present. Make her ache for you to go to the next step before you do it. Kiss, a lot, as your hands explore her. Use your fingers to caress her nipples then slowly work down to her clit and masturbate her as you make out. Keep talking, and listening. See how she responds, what she likes most. Make her crazy for more.

Then your MOUTH again, kissing down her neck, focusing on her breasts as your fingers stimulate her clit even more. Then, going down, down down until it’s your mouth on her, making her grab your hair as you lick and kiss and gently suck on her clit, your fingers starting to explore inside her, getting her ready for more.

And then, when you’ve got her to the edge, you come back up to kiss her and your fingers keep her right on the edge and you look into her eyes and tell her to cum for you and kiss her hard and deep as you make her orgasm.

Because yes, SHE CUMS FIRST.

And then (I’m assuming you have a cock because girls tend to ask better questions than this), and ONLY then do you start to tease her with your cock. (I’m also going to assume you are being smart and safe and using condoms). If this is a first/early time, no matter how wet she is, you should also use a little lube, it will make it much more pleasurable.

Encourage her to use her hands and mouth on you too, see if you can make her cum again while she does. 

But then, lay her back, because old school missionary is best for this scenario, and you press your lubed cock between her pussy lips, not in her, on her, and you rub it up and down so it grinds on her clit and the tip slips down to where she wants it so much, but you don’t give it to her yet, you look into her eyes and you keep talking and kissing and you tease the tip until she begs you to put it in her.

And then you do, but… just the tip. Self control is everything, as you watch her mouth open and then her eyes beg you for more, but you don’t give her more, not yet, You just fuck the head of your cock in and out, ten, twenty times, make her want it more than anything she’s ever wanted. And then, slowly, but with strength, you push it all the way inside her. And you hold it there, the two of you, joined. 

And then, back, back to the tip, five more half thrusts, and then deep again, keep doing that, keep teasing her, drive her crazy, make her lose it as you start to fuck harder, deeper, making her yours, claiming her inside and out. Wrap an arm around her back and pull her to you as you build in intensity and speed. Kiss, bite, bury your face in her hair as you focus on how good it feels, then lean back, let her see you as you cum, let her see how amazing it is to share this with her, and don’t hold back, fuck her, fuck her hard, and be vocal, she doesn’t want you quiet now, let her hear your pleasure as you jet your cum out.

And then, when you’re done. Don’t pull out, not straight away. Stay there, together. Kiss, look at her, tell her how amazing she is, how great that was. 

Then carefully pull out, both of you do a little clean up (sex is messy), and then, cuddle the fuck out of her. You never know, she might have a little bit of cumming left to do, so cup her mound with your hand and see if she’s up for more. And maybe after a little recovery, you will be too.

Special enough for you?

Found this reblogged, forgot I wrote it. It’s good shit. Enjoy.

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