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So yes, one of the major effects of edging and denial is better orgasms.

But I don’t go on about it much because it’s not that simple.

It really depends on the person, but even more than that, how long you edge and are denied for.

If you just do it in a single session, so being teased or teasing yourself and not letting yourself cum during a long time playing, then yes, almost always it leads to a bigger, better orgasm.

If you do it maybe all day, a few edges then a big one and you finally cum in the evening, then almost always you’ll have a nice big and better orgasm at the end.

if you do it for a FEW days, then yes, PROBABLY you’re going to end up with with an improved orgasm. BUT this is where it starts to get a bit sketchy, because it’s common for your FIRST orgasm to be a bit lackluster. You’ve started to get used to being edged and NOT cumming, so the first one might not blow your socks off. However a second one usually does.

If you’ve been denied for a week, or even months – then anything can happen, it’s really unpredictable! It can be absolutely mind blowing, your body kicking straight back in and making you cum so hard you almost pass out.

But that’s rare. The majority of women I’ve denied for more than a couple of week probably have a weird first orgasm. Some feel good but not great, some are almost like ruins, others are virtually like nothing at all. It’s a bit of a crap shoot to be honest, and so firstly, it’s fun to turn that into a mind fuck. Give a girl a single orgasm after weeks, and she’ll often end up even more horny and frustrated than she was before, muahahaha.

Secondly, being responsible,it’s important to manage expectations. Be clear the first orgasm, or for long denials even the first few over a day or two, can be, unusual, so they don’t get massively disappointed at what they assumed would be mind blowing.

But anyway, in answer to your question, yes, try it, it can really help, anything from a long edging session to a three days denial normally gives you a great orgasm when you cum. 

Try a short denial and build up and see what works best for you.

As for other things to improve it. Toys work wonders:

A dildo and a vibe will bring your masturbation and orgasms to another level if all you’ve been using is your fingers.

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