Hey James! When I edge I get reaaaally wet. One of my biggest turn ons while edging is imagining that the only reason I’m doing it is to get wet. The more I rub, the more I drip, and that’s all my cunt is supposed to do. Drip. The issue is is that I’ll often talk myself into ruining because I still come a lot even if it’s a ruin, and technically that makes me wetter. Do you have any advice for how I can frame this little kink so i won’t be so tempted to ruin? ~Alex

Well clearly you’re ripe for harvesting for the Japanese sex juices market. I’m afraid we can’t use your pussy juice until you’ve been orgasm clear for a week though, as it spoils the flavour and scent, so please ensure you don’t cum again. Once you’ve managed a week without cumming, and of course daily edging as often as possible, is achieved, you may start to collect your drips and we will pass them onto our select buyers in the Far East.

Thank you.

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