You’re very welcome, I’m glad it helped.

However, I do want to remind you that a lot of the categories we put ourselves in can change as we develop and grow. And while aromantic and asexual are neat little labels for where you’re at right now, in my opinion, romance and sex are pretty great things to be into. 

So it’s worth considering why you might be aro-ace, and making a decision about whether you’re happy with that, or you want to change. Either is fine, but make it a choice, not just a label that’s been stapled to you without your consent. 

Sometimes we get so excited about finding we fit in a box, we don’t dare to ask whether that’s the box we WANT to be in.

Knowing that’s where you fit right now is the biggest aid to stay there because the key to experiencing both romance and sex is finding a person you want to share those things with. And you knowing where you’re at, and being able to communicate that, is the starting point for letting someone else in and exploring moving forward with them in those areas. With the right person both those labels can rapidly change to something else, which is wonderful, if that’s what you desire.

But don’t let any of that undermine your contentment with where you’re at, that’s also good! The move away from seeing yourself as ‘broken’ to a much more positive ownership is wonderful.I just want to encourage you and anyone else who is in a similar place to see it as a description of where you are now, but not necessarily defining what you’ll always be.

I hope that’s helpful.


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