Hey Jordan,

Well that’s wonderful news, and thanks so much for the follow up (it caused a bit of controversy…).

I’m not saying those ideas will work for everyone, or you should do it all the time, but any of those idea will help reframe your thinking on it and MIGHT help you have fun instead of getting all dysphoria locked.

I love the fact you’re having to suck on his cock while confessing you wished you had one, so great (and fucked up but hey it worked!).

But again, just watch you don’t do any of these things too much, or they can become negative. They work great to break you out of a cycle of negativity just by forcing you to have a bit of a mental reset, but sometimes you’ll want to find just simple ways of having intimacy together that aren’t focused on what you don’t have (even if you’re a true emotional masochist, you still need a break).

As with sexuality, I think if we can all see gender as a bit less black and white, that you’re either this or that, and recognise that we can be happy and contented at all kinds of ranges in the spectrum from male to female we’ll feel less pressure to be at one of the end points.

Well, until you have to face the binary choice of which bathroom to visit, anyway.

‘See darling, they made a cubicle just for me to fuck you in!’ is totally what I’d say to my wife.


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