Hey James! So your blog has brought a new kink to light in my life. I’ve been trying to find a way to tell my husband, also named James, that I want to experiment with denial, but the letter you have written aren’t quite right for me. Also, last night we had sex and he’s been pulling out lately because I’m trying not to get pregnant and I don’t trust my BC, so when he came he pulled out, but I was right on the edge and its been driving me crazy allllll day! Sincerely dripping, Nat

Hey Nat,

So, you’ve kind of supplied your own answer here.

‘James honey, I need to tell you something. When you pulled out last night I was just about to cum. I was so close, but then I didn’t and… god maybe I shouldn’t tell you this but, it’s made me SO horny today. Seriously, all day, it’s like I’m on a high. Fuck, the things I want to do to you. I looked it up, it’s called edging or orgasms denial Apparently it’s really popular. Do you think, maybe, we should see what happens if you keep not letting me cum?’

Finish it off by begging to go down on him. And just go that bit further than you normally would. Swallow when you would have spat, get your tits out, edge yourself as you do it, suck his balls. Whatever. Just plant in his head, ‘Holy fuck, if Nat’s like this after a day what’s she going to be like after a week?’

That’ll work. Although, guys are idiots. Never underestimate this. It may take a few repeats of this until he links not letting you cum to how horny and wild you get. But give him time, he’ll get there.

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