JuNO is something we came up with last year on the spur of the moment, a female orgasm equivalent of Locktober for male orgasm denial – the month of June exploring and celebrating edging and denial.

There will be plenty of things to try. Tasks and games and challenges, and lots of sharing from those doing it.

For some the goal will be not to cum for the entire month, but for others it’ll just be trying some new ideas, or the thrill of knowing you’re doing it with others.

Speaking of which, part of the aim of this is I’d pitch it at a level where you could, if you were feeling brave, encourage friends to try it too. You know, the whole, 

‘Did you hear about this JuNO challenge thing?’
‘No, what’s that?’
‘Well you know what edging is, right?’
‘Umm, maybe, remind me…’
‘Oh it’s the latest thing, you get this amazing natural high off it’
‘What is it though?’
‘It’s kinky, you don’t mind talking about that stuff with me, right?’
‘No, now tell me!’
‘So, it’s when you’re like, playing with yourself…but you don’t cum. That’s what edging is, you stop before you cum, and stay really horny’
‘But cumming is the best bit, why wouldn’t you want to do that?!’
‘I know right, that’s what I thought, till I tried it. It’s A-MAZ-ING. You just feel so horny and excited and well, a big natural high after a while’
‘You have my attention… so what’s this challenge?’
‘Hmm, there’s a website all about it, let’s find it’
edging.space/juno – ‘there we go!’

Something like that, maybe?

I’d love to hear what you, all of you lot, would like from JuNO this time, as we’re getting it all ready!

Let me know!


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