So wait, you’ve never tried denial before and you’ve managed two days and 7 edges already?

That’s brilliant! Don’t stress about it, get to the end of the day perhaps, and enjoy a nice big orgasm!

Then, try it again, see if going longer works better for you, or if you like just short stints or a day or two.

Experiment and see if you start to get the ‘denial high’ that starts to kick in after a few days, because that’ll help you want to stay denied longer too.

But for now, damn girl you did great, have an orgasm, you’re worth it!

Yeah you are!

As for routines, again those vary and you need to find what works for you, both in terms of how horny you get and what fits in with daily life. But 3-5 edges a day is a good starting place. The first and last done in bed to start and end the day. Try just fingers for the morning one, so you don’t get to reliant on vibes for every edge. Then use the evening one to experiment and try new things you find in the blog.

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