Hey James, longtime fan here. Tip for your followers (hope it fits the blog!): If you try toothpaste – or anything stronger, for the matter – and need to get it off (Irritations, can´t manage it, whatever), don´t try to wash it off with water. That won´t help, since the actaul effect is from oils. Oils don´t dissolve in water, for those who didn´t get chemistry lessons. Try using some gentle, scent free lotion – that doesn´t work perfectly, either, but you can get most of it off in a few minutes

Aww, don’t spoil the fun. One of my favourite bits is when they beg to be allowed to wash it off and run to the bathroom thinking the water will make it better.

But yes, your lotion tip is the one I give too, it works, a bit.

If you’re using toothpaste though, water’s a good idea at some point. As lots of toothpaste has little irritants in it for polishing your teeth which really aren’t meant for down there. This is why menthol rubs etc are actually better, and they’re pretty easy to get.

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