By ‘in school’ we’re going to be assuming you’re American and you mean in college because that’s what they call it there… 

So firstly, the annoyingly practical dad advice- you are there to study, so don’t get too carried away with all this because anything that’s distracting you to a point where it’s having a negative impact on your studies or life is a BAD thing. Kay?

So, classic options are kind of similar whether it’s studies or work, taking a breaktime to go to the toilet or other safe secluded space and edging your cunt off so it’s aching and dripping before you go back. Spice that up by trying it half or completely naked, get debauched by writing ‘I’m a slut’ in your cunt juice somewhere. Only you will ever know it’s there, but you’ll always know (well you and CSI if there’s a crime).

Wearing no panties, even better with a skirt or dress is surprisingly thrilling if you’ve never done it. (leaving goo trails on chairs isn’t really nice though so make sure you clean up if you plant your bare arse anywhere).

If you’ve practised at home and know you can then wearing a butt plug or (soft, short) dildo in your pussy can be amazing. If you don’t have any toys then try stuffing panties in your pussy. Take a plastic bag you can put them in if you have to take it out though, I had a sub have to bin her butt plug at work because she needed it out and didn’t have a way to store it!

Then there’s fun around others, crossing your arms and secretly playing with your nipples underneath is great, learning ‘thigh masturbation’ can mean you can edge right in class (it happens, way more than you think, ask teachers).

Use it to give you new confidence too. Is there a guy or girl you fancy and want to talk to, make a deal with yourself that you are allowed to edge, or ruin or cum if you dare to do it.

And then of course use it to help your studies. You are only allowed to cum if you get certain grades, and don’t make it easy!

How’s that sound?


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