Hi Estrella, you’re so welcome! (I love it when you lot follow up on advice)

The reality is that for most, orgasm denial is a short term thing, and that’s totally cool! 

I like to run but I have no desire to ever do a marathon. It’s just the same. I do however, like to watch the London Marathon on TV because it’s exceptional and thus interesting, and for the same reason lots of the discussion on the blog will focus on long term denial. But for most of us, doing it for hours or days is what we like best and that’s awesome.

However, just as you’re doing (GOOD GIRL!) it’s brilliant to try to challenge ourselves sometimes, not because it’s necessary to do a long time, but because it’s fun to try something new and not get stuck in a rut. 

I’m working on the plans right now, but we’re going to keep it fun and pretty simple. If it goes well maybe we can use another month to do a more detailed option like Locktober for male denial.

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