No, yes and yes please!

That’s great, denial challenges with friends are such fun. Definitely don’t cum before! Make it worse. And yes we’d love to hear about it!

But also to add a bit of variety to the no touch competition here are some ideas you could suggest to your friend (I’m assuming you’re kinky friends but not FWB):

  • Call or message each other and take it in turns to either suggest some porn you both have to watch, or it’d be super hot to read scenes from favourite erotica to each other.
  • Agree what you are allowed to do, breast play, or occasional furniture grinding (both knowing the other is doing it too)
  • Agree you’re allowed to say anything to the other to try to make them break, no holds barred – could be sexy texts, it could be being dom or sub, it could even be promises of what you’ll do if they just lose and let you win
  • Create a shared tumblr and both post things to it from my blog and others – set a minimum number of posts per day.
  • Agree the prize for the winner and forfeit for the loser to make it even more interesting.

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