Hi Jess!

You’re doing so well with not having full orgasms, good girl. But we definitely need to get rid of those ruins too if you’re going to truly fulfil your potential as a denial slut.

Now, experience will vary but for me it’s an absolute no-brainer that we lock away that oversized clitlette of yours in a pretty little chastity device and stop you having any access at all. For some that can induce a bit of dysphoria, at least at first, but in my experience most soon come to realise it’s a brilliant way to ‘take away’ those bits, or at least let you explore that concept (and watch how insanely horny it makes you).

This is the huge advantage trans girls have over anybody else. Chastity devices for cis girls, or those who have had full SRS just don’t work nearly as well as anything you can try out, which is pretty awesome!

That then reduces you to stimulation from just humping and penetration, like many good girls learn to enjoy. If you learn to ruin from those, all power to you, but the likelihood is you won’t, not without a long, long time of being more horny and desperate than you knew was even possible.

You’re so fucked when she reads this. I hope you love it.


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