Nice and practical, I like it Elly!

Okay, so firstly, only do a catch up if it’s fun. If it just becomes a burden that you can’t overcome then it’s totally okay to start your edging any time through JuNO. The joy this month is knowing you’re doing it with many other women from all over the world and can read the amazing journals others are writing to compare experiences

In terms of edging while staying with someone else, our first consideration needs to be the other person. With any kink the idea of being caught is often a turn on but the reality is they haven’t given their consent to be involved so we need to be very thoughtful about it.

But your first option is places where you naturally have privacy. Edging in the shower, using the bathroom, all great. But also, if you feel comfortable, you can do it safely, but secretly, even when they are around. As long as you can keep quiet, doing it silently in bed or on the sofa is okay in my opinion. Hundreds of millions of people masturbate in a shared room or bed each day, trust me on that. It can even be really exciting, having to be silent, only able to just subtly move a finger – often that alone will mean you CAN’T cum, even if you wanted to, which is awesome.

So, be considerate, but also, be brave, it can be a lot of fun. And let us know how you get on!


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