Hi Angel,

It’s a really good question, as I think it is a problem if you just get used to experiencing pleasure one way, and get overly reliant on porn.

Prone masturbation, that is lying on your tummy, can be especially problematic in my experience. I’ve met lots of women who couldn’t cum any other way. Same for those who just hump things.

It’s an easy one to fix though. Just mix it up! Only allow yourself porn sometimes, use your imagination! Think through your favourite fantasies, see where they go when you’re really edging hard.

And physically, if you’re not looking at a screen you can lie on your back, or try it sitting up, or my favourite is you doing it lying down, but with your ass up in the air, knees pulled up to facilitate that.

I find it makes your mind go to very interesting places.

Similarly, mix up what you do. Rub, vibe, finger, fuck, breast play, anal play, grinding, dressed, naked, slutted up, in bed, on a chair, in the bathroom, outside…

Try a challenge for a week, you’re not allowed to masturbate the same way a single time. At least one variable has to change.

Let us know how you get on!

And I’m not just saying this to Angel, this is for all of you. Go and mix it up!

Take up the ‘Spice of Life’ challenge this week, don’t masturbate the same way twice!

Good girls – write in and tell us what you try!

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