They were just jerks, good work diagnosing it. 

I’ve written about it before. It’s like anything from hair to boobs to butts to feet and all in between. You’ll get a small minority who LOVE what you have, you’ll get another minority who hate it, and you’ll get the majority who are mature enough to not give a shit and look at who you are, not exactly how one bit of you looks to make their opinion. I’m the latter, to answer your question.

People are entitled to their opinions, what they aren’t entitled to is making others feel bad because of something they can’t do anything about, and that doesn’t matter in the scheme of things! Those are just jerks (or haters, bigots, or racists, or lots, and lots of bad things). You wouldn’t want to be friends with them anyway.

So let me say to those reading, whether it’s your labia, your clit, your breasts, your cock, your butt, your tummy, hair, shape, colour, whatever – stop hating it.

Why, because If that’s you, reading this, you need to stop being a jerk about yourself. I love you, but hear this. Stop hating that bit of yourself. That makes you a jerk too.

It is OKAY not to like it, that’s fine. But quit obsessing about the bits you don’t like and get focused on the bits you DO. You will be a much less stressed and more fun person to be around.

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