Firstly, congratulations! I’ve known the pressure of the ‘must get pregnant’ sex and it soon becomes much harder than you’d think, so good job! Secondly, I’ve no idea if it makes you more fertile, it was thought for a long time that an orgasm helped ‘suck up’ sperm into your cervix for a long time but that’s largely discounted now, but being wet and creating a nice conducive place for those sperm to travel can’t be a bad thing.

If you haven’t seen it check out the genuine research that suggests that giving him blow jobs can reduce the chance of pre-eclampsia, it’s remarkable. Another report hypothesised swallowing his cum might reduce morning sickness, but I’d suggest you do that before it kicks in.

But also, if you guys are switchy, I thought this post was hilarious. Thank god my wife hadn’t discovered cock cages when we were having kids:

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