Just imagine it, the perfect cock you’ve been waiting for, sucked and made hard with your hands. You’re desperate for it, he lies you back, you watch him slide the condom over it, teasing the tip at your entrance. And then he opens a round jar, hands it to you. ‘Spread this on me baby, it’s something special to make it go in nice and smooth.’

And you dip your hands into the white cream, your fingers seem to tingle even as you touch it, but you stroke it up and down his shaft, readying it to take you. But then your hand, what’s going on with your hand, you can’t feel it.

‘It’s numbing cream, sweetheart, don’t worry, that’s supposed to happen’

‘But, what about, down there, won’t it…?’

‘Oh yes, you won’t be able to feel a thing,’ he whispers in your ear as he presses close to you. ‘It works so fast inside you’ll barely feel even the first stroke, in fact, look down… I’m in you already.’

And you watch in torment as the moment you’d dreamed of for so long happens before your eyes, his big thick cock taking you, and all you feel is the pressure of his body slamming into you. Nothing else.

‘Oh you feel so good baby! I love this, I love you totally focused on me, on my pleasure, beg me baby, beg me to never let you feel this, to never let you cum from this.’

And through your tears of frustration you do what he asks, you beg. And you mean it. And he cums. And you feel nothing, but that nothing is more wonderful than you can express.

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