Simply, yes. It will keep you horny and at times get your panties soaked with your arousal.

The actual ‘dripping’ thing does happen for some but bodies are unique and some women get very wet and others just don’t, and that’s okay, it’s why we have lube!

As for how to edge and not cum, it’s mostly learning self control I’m afraid. The bonus is that if you do manage it then after a day or two many start to experience a ‘denial high’ of feeling sexy and strong and good, which is a huge extra incentive not to cum and lose that.

Remember edging, despite the name, does NOT have to be super close to going over into an orgasm. Sure that’s a hot and exciting thing to do, but if you’re struggling to not go over, I suggest you scale back your masturbation to a point where you can’t go over by accident. It’s less intense in the short term but it’ll soon build up to keep you horny and wet in the longer term. What we call ‘soft edges’.

Give it a go, and let us know how you get on!

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