Hey James. I am very shy when it comes to talking about my own fantasies, but about 2 weeks ago I saw you linked to ‘the greatest valentines gift ever’ on your blog. I gathered up the courage and sent the link to my gf and then I hid under the bed. Her response was so positive, and she has controlled my orgasms ever since. I am so happy that my fantasy is coming true, so thanks a lot for the much needed push <3 We're starting small, but I feel this is the start of a great denial adventure :3

Hi Lilith! How very exciting, that letter really is a big leap so well done, I’m so glad she caught you! Much kudos to her.

Small is the perfect start. 

You’re so fucked.

Hmm, gosh Valentine’s is coming up again isn’t it…

Here’s the post at my still very under construction new website:


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