I wondered when I’d get asked about this!

It’s going okay, I’ve been really busy this week so we haven’t really been doing any of the tasks yet, and I came A LOT the night before Locktober began, so haven’t really had the intensity of it yet. Having said that, some of my favourite little denial sluts have already mentioned I’m already meaner than usual (and that’s saying something) so it’s definitely having an impact.

I’m not that into hardcore lock ups (on me anyway, I like to lock other guys cocks up and just see how long it takes them to break, not even kidding). 

But we’ll just see how it’s going and it’ll surely build up, although I see the task today is ruined orgasms, which SUCK if you don’t even get out of the cage, my wife thinks it’s hilarious though so I’m well and truly fucked.

I’ve always enjoyed denial myself though, I think it’s part of why I’m good at getting into your heads, because I appreciate both sides of it. So yes, the more I learn, the better I can deny you, my lovely followers! Hurrah.

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