Hi R,

Great question. Last year was a bit of a spur of the moment idea for ‘let’s try 30 days denial huzzah’ kinda thing.

This year, and given I’m doing the Advent Denial Challenge thing too, I feel like I want to make JuNO a bit more inclusive, a celebration of female orgasm denial and edging, and giving those who think it’s really hot but either haven’t tried or have tried and failed a bit more of a reason to give it a good go.

So the point is, it’s great if you want to try for the whole month, but there’s no big ‘fail’ element this time around. You slip up, then great, try ruining, if you cum though, that’s not a disaster. You just get back into it if you want to and keep exploring. 

For those lovely hardcore denial sluts who want it of course it can be about really going hard for the 30 days, and I’ll be adding various twists and challenges along the way to keep it interesting for everyone. 

But the real heart of JuNO is to get lots of people sharing their experiences in their own Denial Journals, knowing the fact that you’re doing it with many others, and just talking about it with fellow kink enthusiasts. And I want it all very non-threatening so that some of you might even be bold enough to tell friends, ‘Hey, have you seen this JuNO Edging Challenge thing?’ and not have to bring it up with ‘so I like to not cum’, which is MUCH harder.

So there’s going to be more emphasis on help on the basics, and also denial for couples ideas!

I hope that sounds good to you. Get stuck in and see how you get on!


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