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So, a few tips for avoiding going over. 

Firstly, try soft edges. A soft edge is when you don’t push yourself right to the edge of orgasm but just play and make it feel really good but never to the point where you might accidentally cum.

They don’t get the immediate pay off of the shuddering need to cum but over time they build up so you are horny all the time and don’t get any release from the accidental ruins. 

Secondly, practise! Your body is used to cumming, if you edge more then you’ll learn to hold it back. You could even use soft edges as a ‘punishment’ that if you do go over then the next day you’re only allowed soft edges. Or you can go for more severe punishments if that’s your thing, pussy smacking, menthol rub, snaps etc.

Thirdly, try going manual – I find it’s often when using vibes that most women go over without meaning too, it’s much harder with just fingers. So maybe use a vibe to get close but then switch to fingers only, or fingers and a dildo in you, anything that makes it harder to get over the edge and will give you longer enjoying that ‘edgespace’.

Finally, don’t worry about it too much. This is supposed to be fun and sexy, if you’re always berating yourself for going over you’re going to miss some of that. Even if you’re just ruining it you’re being a good denial slut and you should be proud of yourself! Try some of the things above, and more self control will come as you realise that while cumming is good, not cumming is better!

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