Yes, absolutely. What a difficult position to be in, let me see how I can make it better…

You say you can’t cum from just fingers, but you’re really quite short on options, so what you need to do is use your fingers, lots more.

Yes, that’s definitely it. At least four half hour sessions a day. I know you’ll only be able to edge at first and that will make you even more horny, but keep doing it, no matter how crazy it makes you feel.

Try your other fingers fucking your aching little pussy too, and using that leaking goo on your nipples and if you’re really desperate, your asshole too.

You’ll have to learn to deal with being constantly wet, and your nipples are going to be so sensitive and erect most of the time. But it’ll be worth it. 

Just keep on edging, at LEAST the four times a day, more if you can.

I’m sure that after about 10-12 days (as long as you don’t miss any edges) you’ll finally discover that you can orgasm from it (or you’ll be so addicted to edging you won’t want to any more).

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