You are so welcome Jo! May the vibrations always be in your favour. Until just the last second, when it fails on you and you ruin the orgasm.

Also for anyone interested the ‘St Patrick’s Day Sale’ has magically turned into a ‘oh we got 200,000 reviews’ excuse sale. So yeah, deals still on.

And to answer the other question i got asked, no they don’t have Lovehoney on the delivery boxes, they are super subtle, and just has a return label with LH Trading on it. Otherwise, strong, plain, brown boxes.

And a good trick if you live with nosey people who might open any deliveries is this ‘Oh mum, I bought a gift for your birthday, I know it’s early but I don’t want you to spoil the surprise so please don’t open any parcels address to me!’

Yeah, it does mean you have to buy them a gift at some point, tightwad. Yes, probably one about the same size and weight as that Magic Wand Vibrator you got for stupid cheap in the sale… 😛

And no, to answer another question, I’m not sponsored by Lovehoney. I wish. I do however add my own affiliate links to them because otherwise Tumblr does it instead, and screw that. But if you don’t want to use those just go to the website and find the stuff I’ve recommended. Thank you to those who do use my links though, it slowly builds up my own sex toy fund, yay!

On a serious note though I’ve used Lovehoney for almost a decade now and they are amazing. Great prices, amazing customer service, and a no quibbles return policy that means if you don’t like a toy, you just swap it or return it, for ANY reason. I’ve had friends who have had stuff break, who’ve moved overseas, and they still posted them replacements, without even asking for the broken stuff back. Properly amazing. The Amazon of sex toy stores. Which is why I recommend them so highly.

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