I doubt it… the need to slide your hand down inside your damp little panties is just too strong. Perhaps, just perhaps we’ll be able to teach you to stop cumming… but that will only make the need worse. It’ll make you want to be even naughtier, constantly horny, looking to disappear off and shove your slutty little fingers inside you every chance you get.

Just reading this makes you want to do it right now, doesn’t it? Do you feel that special tingle inside as your pussy starts to lube up, ready for your fingers, or that hairbrush handle, or even cock… Go on, spread your legs for me. 

Do your swelling pussy lips open like a rosebud? No touching though, not yet, see if you can even control yourself for a minute. Only your nipples, that’s all, as your clit starts to throb, desperate to be touched. See if you can be a good girl, just 60 seconds…

You can? Maybe there’s hope for you after all.

Now slide a finger inside as you slowly rub your swollen clit with your other hand, that’s it, good girl. Fuck and rub, fuck and rub. I know, it feels so good, but now you’re allowed to do it, this isn’t being naughty any more, you’re doing it with permission. What you don’t have though, is permission to cum. Good girls don’t cum, let me hear you say that, whisper it aloud as you rub for me, ‘Good girls don’t cum’.

You want to be a good girl, don’t you? Yes? Want to be my good little denial slut? Then take yourself right to the edge, and then stop. Yes I know baby, it’s hard, so hard, but that’s what makes it good.Look how self controlled you’re being. You’re going to make me very proud. No, don’t give in, don’t touch again, that’s all, for now.

This is how I want you, aching, wet, needy, clit and cunt throbbing, wanting more. This is perfect, this is how good girls feel, all the time.

Maybe I can teach you after all. That was your first lesson. Let me know how you got on if you tried it, even if you failed, and we’ll see what happens next.

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