Sorry, I got stuck on the pussy drooling part. I liked that.

Okay, so low libido… from a denial perspective, you can try more edges during the day, give four a go and see what happens. But there can be mental and physical reasons you’re not getting horny – part of which if you didn’t do this much is simply adjusting. But getting sleep, exercise and eating well (anything that gives you good energy levels) will also help with getting horny. 

And then remember so much of this is in the mind. So as well as physical stimulation explore different erotica, books, films, tumblr. See what gets your heart racing and combine that with your edging and see if any of that helps too.

If your libido stays low it’s absolutely worth having a chat with your doctor about (embarrassing I know but still, there are lots of medical aspects to it).

I hope some of that helps. Keep drooling!

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