Hello Sir,
MY sister has these alarms from when she was little and wet the bed. When u went to visit my parents, my Sir found them and now he uses then on me. He will stuff my pussy with this vibe called we-vibe (it comes with an app so anyone can control you from anywhere), put some panties over it, and attach the alarm. (Side note: I’m with my parents now). If I cum, the alarm will sense the wetness and transmit it to a wall attached thing, and it screeches loud enough to to wake the whole house.

Okay, great… what exactly do you need help with?

The answer is obvious. Keep fingering yourself all night and licking up the mess you make. You won’t get wet enough to set off the alarm.


For those curious this is the We-Vibe, and yes it can be controlled by an app from anywhere. It’s pretty awesome. Not only for remote control but the way it’s designed it can be kept in place during sex so vibrates your clit and g-spot while you’re fucked.


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