Well that’s a novel question, thanks for posing it! 

It sounds like you’re doing a good job in the giving department, which isn’t always the case in that kind of dynamic. But if she’s really into the slave mindset then you need to realise part of HER craving is to be the one giving too – to be used for your pleasure.

So I’d personally try twinning her giving, with her edging herself. Get her a good magic wand vibe to sit astride between your legs and get at least one of those sessions each day with her teasing, licking and sucking your cock, balls and ass as she keeps herself on the edge.

If you really want to get kinky, tell her not to let you cum – that’s right, deny yourself in an earlier session so you’ll be incredibly horny and excited for fucking her brains out later in the day. I do this all the time, it’s great, and actually makes you more dominant and often meaner, which they usually love.

Other twists on the edging blow jobs include:

  • make her ruin an orgasm just as you cum in her mouth
  • make her repeatedly ruin her orgasms by rising off the wand as she climaxes, and she can’t stop what she’s doing to you
  • tell her if she can make you cum five times in one session she can cum, increase it every time she achieve the target
  • do something else while she’s doing it – my favourite is playing a game or watching a film

I guess finally it’s just an encouragement to get fitter and build more stamina! Oral sex stamina comes with practise, but fucking is serious work and you’ll make the most of it being fit and healthy – and I can’t think of a better reason to get fitter, can you?

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