Oh well that seems like unnecessary laundry, Angel. if you’re leaking that much then the simple solution is to return to just one pair of panties, but carefully stuff them into your pussy, leaving just a little fabric hanging out.

This has the multiple benefits of plugging your leaking pussy, stimulating your gspot throughout the day, teasing your labia whenever you walk and leaving your sore, throbbing clit to rub against the seam of your pants all day long.

Make sure to ever so slowly tug them out during your final edge of the day, making sure their extraction doesn’t cause you to orgasm (surprisingly likely, I’ve even had a sub squirt just from this part). If you can’t make it that long being stuffed you can of course remove them, but you have to wear them in the state you’ve left them.

Personally I’d have you wear your now saturated panties overnight just to remind you of your denied, leaking status. Shower and switch them out for a nice clean pair the next morning.

I hope that helps the way you wanted. My advice is usually free but if I’m allowed I’ll add another couple of daily edges to your quota. Enjoy.

Oh and don’t forget to drink lots of water.

James xxx

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