Hello Sir.

I came across your blog a week ago and haven’t been able to stop reading (or touching myself) since. I’ve dabbled with edging and denial before but never seriously and now it’s all I can think about so thanks (I think) for that. I’ve edged three times today – the first time was in the shower, using the shower head (working at home is the BEST). It’s perfect because I can hold myself on the edge for as long as the hot water holds out usually and I get out of the shower dripping in more ways than one… Then I moved to the bed, and used a dildo for edge number two. I can’t come just from vaginal stimulation but I can get infuriatingly close so again, it’s perfect. Number three was using a bullet vibe and the dildo – this one’s much harder for me as I go over easily with clitoral stimulation and I was pretty damn sensitive by that point. I’m working on number four as I write this, just using my fingers and using all the juices leaking from my desperate cunt to tease my poor, swollen clit. 

I’m hoping that you’ll read this soon because I’m going out tonight and I badly need to come but I can’t without permission. The thought of being stuck in a crowded bar with my mostly male friends while I’m wet and desperate and horny isn’t so appealing. So here it is: please may I come, Sir? 


My goodness Cath, talk about hitting the ground running! Very impressive, although unlucky for you I’m only just checking my messages from today and yesterday. How awful, was the bar as wet and drippy an experience you feared?

I hope so.

You really have set the example for how do vary your edges during the day, you’re just doing so well and being such an inspiration… I’m tempted to let you cum but I think it would send a bad signal to all the other aspiring denial sluts.

I know you can go longer, show me, show us you can. Keep going, make it worse, and ask again soon.

Good girl


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