I love practical questions like this! Firstly, great job on wanting to go out like that, it’s really exhilarating! I hope you’ll send us a report on how you get on.

So, a few options:

Wear stockings, the ‘bandelettes ones are nice and high and you can get ones specifically to prevent chafing!


More cheaply wear tights (pantyhose) but cut a slit out for your pussy to be exposed. This is great for where you really want no one to think you might be bare.

Works for tight leggings too.

Add talc or an anti chafing powder (be aware there’s some worries about sticking talc up your pussy though so don’t go crazy.)

Wear a tampon. You won’t get the same wetness but you won’t get the rubbing either. You can cut the string short to keep it out the way as long as you leave enough to get it back out.

I hope some of those help. Worst case scenario, wear panties going out, pop to the restroom and take them off, enjoy, and then put them back on when you get sore.

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