Well thank you oh dedicated follower, it’s genuinely appreciated!

So the magic wand, as you can see, the problem with the damn things is they are just so powerful. If you’ve got the classic Hitachi magic wand that’s doubly a problem as it only has two power levels – oh GOD! and OH MY FUCKING GOD!

Hopefully you’ve gone for something like the Lovehoney Wand which is variable power, so can go slower (although it’s still pretty intense at any level)

Whatever you’ve got, it sure packs a punch. But if you’re using it for edging there are a few ways to make the most of it:

Use it through layers. Try it on you through some jeans and then add more layers, it’s great to put a few layers between you and it and then put it on a pillow and ride it for as long as you can stand it – make your own sybian basically.

Make use of the cord – dangle it from above you so that it’s hanging just where if you arch your back you can reach it, and then try and get off as it wobbles around and doesn’t stay just where you want it.

Combine with other toys – got a suction cup dildo? Bury that in you and then press the wand against the base of the dildo. Yep, you may well squirt.

Use it near your clit but not on it. This is a classic, press it against your upper thighs, the side of your labia, your asshole (oh GOD your asshole, and a plug too…) and feel the vibrations travel through you to keep you on edge. Also, for some, pressing it just above your pelvic bone can get to your g-spot from the outside – also amazing.

And then, of course, you can…ruin orgasms with it, again and again – press that fucker right on you and then pull it away just as you go over. Then, count to just 20, yep 20 while you’re still super sensitive, and jam it back on, and do it again. Rinse and repeat

Have fun!

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