Hey Emma,

So, that happens sometimes. Our bodies are remarkable, complex things, and it doesn’t always do what we expect – which is a great lesson to learn.

There are a few things that can trigger that response. Occasionally you can get too close, but not ruin an orgasm, and it kind of triggers a strange hormonal release that kills your libido but doesn’t do anything else. It’s pretty rare, and more common in guys than women in my experience, but it definitely happens, and that may be what it was.

Secondly, some women find that certain points in their menstrual cycle just kill any libido, just as others heighten it.

Finally, sometimes it means you’re getting poorly with a bug or something. One of the body’s first reactions is to kill all sexual response so it can focus on keeping you well and fighting it off.

If it’s the latter, get well soon! (I bet many know that feeling of being ill then knowing they are on the way to recovery when their libido explodes again!). For the other two, just give it a day, have a break, don’t stress about having to edge, and I suspect you’ll find it all gets a little reset and back to enjoying it like before.

I hope that helps,

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