Oh that takes me back. I remember a lawyer I used to dom. She’d stay late at work and end up edging pressed against the glass of her floor to ceiling windows, naked of course.

She’d have to spend the first few minutes with her eyes shut, and only open then to ask permission to stop, ruin or cum. Only then discovering if someone was watching. 

I never thought of getting her to stick a suction cup dildo to it, I’m clearly an idiot! That’s genius.

Do be aware though, unlike little miss lawyer slut you aren’t on the firth floor of a highrise. You’re much more likely to be seen so we do have to take into consideration that as gorgeous as your ass pressed up against that window surely is, they may not want to see it. So consent does come into it.

For me, the perfect task like this is one where the actual risk is very low but the feeling is acute that there’s a chance of getting caught. Or even better where they have to have tried to see you. So you sticking your ass in their line of sight is a bit iffy, but you doing it in your room and them deliberately looking in, that’s more legit.

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