How lovely to hear from you, you don’t know how much I appreciate it! This is the post, for those interested.

I’m so glad the tips worked – and as for worrying about Toxic Shock Syndrome, all I’ll say is it’s worth educating yourself more on that, as it’s a big worry to many but actually super rare (about 1-2 per 100,000 women) – have a look at the ever wonderful Bustle (gotta love their gifs) for more info –

Also more tips here:

But it’s your body, no pressure to use them, just I’d encourage anyone who hasn’t to just try them out as an alternative to pads so at least you can make an informed choice. I know for sure if I had a vagina I’d be sticking them up there, but also using something like the Tampon Timer app to remind me to switcheroo on time.

Once again, thanks so much for the feedback, we love hearing how things have gone, and look forward to a denial report in the future!

James x

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