Well hello, always lovely to hear from doms!

A week’s pretty good if she’s new to this. You know her best so obviously read how she’s handling it. Remember you can use the occasional ruined orgasm to give her something that gives her a little glimpse of pleasure and then only makes her more horny. After a while she’ll be craving and begging even for those, which is enormously satisfying.

As for when to let her cum, well the obvious day is Christmas. But here’s what I’d do, it’s really one of the ultimate denial mind fucks.

You tell her what a good girl she’s been, how proud you are of her, you take your time edging her like she’s never been edged before. Personally my favourite way of doing it is with my mouth, there’s this mix of control and intimacy you can get where you can edge them until they are genuinely losing their minds after a bit of practise.

So yes, take her to the brink but don’t risk going over, and then… the mind fuck.

You tell her she has a choice, that she’s done all you could hope and more and definitely deserves to cum, and you’d be happy if she did. But… she has to choose. As you lie next to her, sliding your fingers in and out, rubbing her clit, watching her lose her mind, you whisper in her ear that she has to tell you what she really wants, ‘make me cum’ or ‘deny me’.

Watch her world fall apart as she has to choose, and make sure you catch her and give her what she really wants. If you’ve handled it right it’s the moment she truly becomes your denial slut.

Then fuck her brains out, making sure if she picked denial it’s in a way that won’t give her release. She’ll need lots of aftercare, but once you’re done with that, assuming she said ‘deny me’ (which we all hope she will, let’s be honest) from that point on you can drive her crazy saying ‘you could have cum then if you wanted, I have no pity on you now baby’ and that makes her continued denial all the better.

Make her regret ever telling you she wants to be denied, trust me, it means you’re doing it right and she loves it.

Have fun!

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