I think it’s very hot! I personally love them, not only because they indulge my sadistic twist, but because if you completely deny someone any form of cumming, they don’t have anything to crave or beg for in the same way, which is always so hot.

So yes, make sure you’ve tried multiple ruined orgasms too, that’s a real mind fuck, and experiment with clit only, vaginal only, and combined ruins. They can all have different effects. 

And if you have a partner, well you can tell them a little lie, and say ‘As soon as I say I’m cumming I need you to pull out or stop playing with my clit as it gets too painful and sensitive instantly. Just let me cum for 20 seconds without any contact and then you can get back to it, is that okay?’

They they’ll deliberately ruin you every time without realising it.

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