Thank you so much for this ‘happy girl’.

I hope it comes across that I think women are absolutely amazing, that you’re all absolutely my equal as a man, (honestly you’re better in lots of ways but you know, ‘equal’ is the thing we should strive for) but also that I delight in our differences.

For me the most exciting form of feminism (known as third-wave feminism if you’re interested) is the freedom for a woman to break free from ANY preconceptions of what she should be and embrace her ability to be what she wants, and to do what she loves.

So if that means, as a modern, independent woman you want to be on your knees, fingers buried in your pussy which you’ve asked me to control, frustrated to the point of tears as you’re not allowed to cum because you’ve given up that right to me, used, or even abused BECAUSE it just turns you on so much and you begged for it, then let me tell you now, I’m a true feminist.

Similarly, you don’t want any of that, great too (but this blog might not be your thang).


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