Amazingly the Wheels of Denial have just hit over 18,000 visits. I’m surprised you sluts haven’t worn them out yet. 

You can use it at most once an hour, and the punishment wheel is for when you go over and either ruin it or cum without permission.

The original wheel has instructions to either spin again, or if that’s absent, you stop – here’s the full rules

  • You get a maximum of one spin per hour unless the result tells you to spin again, in which case you MUST spin once you’ve done the first task
  • You keep spinning and follow the result, no cheating, until you land on one that doesn’t tell you to spin
  • You follow the instructions, if for some reason you can’t (e.g. don’t own a vibe) skip and spin again, or improvise
  • Send me messages telling me how you got on!

Snaps are where you get an elastic band and pull it tight between two fingers, or a thumb and then pull it back and release it onto your skin.

An edge (you must be new here, welcome) is when you masturbate to the edge of an orgasm but don’t allow yourself to go over.

A ruined orgasm is where you take yourself over the edge but stop all stimulation as soon as you do. Find more down in the blog.

Rules for the punishment wheel are:

You have to do one spin if you went over and ruined it, and if you cum like a little harlot with no self control and ENJOY it… well, that’s THREE punishments for you!

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