He’d been very clear, if she was going to be his maid she’d only be paid with a monthly orgasm. Given the state he’d got her into with denial she readily agreed.

Before an hour had passed he ordered her up to the master bedroom, lifting her dress and asking her just what she was wearing, before yanking her brand new panties down to the ground.

She complained he hadn’t stated the no panties rule but he pointed out her uniform list had specifically excluded any underwear.

He gave her a quick whipping across her now naked bottom with the panties, before spreading her constantly wet lips wide with his fingers.

‘The outfit doesn’t have any pockets it seems, good thing God gave you one,’ and he began working the material into her aching cunt.

‘This infraction is going to cost you a month’s pay you know,’ he warned her.

‘Yes Sir,’ she moaned back as he pushed his fingers and the panties deep inside her.

It was only her first day.

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