I’ve created an account. It’s okay, but no app which tons of you use to edge to, so it’s not ideal. And struggling to cope with demand. Definitely one of the options being considered if it shapes up well, but let me take the chance to say it again…

This Tumblr is not going anywhere. I’m going to keep on writing new content, answering asks. sharing your experiences and fantasies and doing as much as I possibly can to turn you on within Tumblr’s new guidelines. 

On top of that www.edging.space, which currently redirects here, will become it’s own site with the best of the content easily found and enjoyed (it’s ALL backed up).

And we’ll find somewhere, reddit, discord, maybe bdsmlr to give you a wonderful scrolling edging experience that I know you’re looking for. I love that too. It might take a while but there’s such huge demand, someone will figure out how best to meet it. (I downloaded 200,000 images and gifs yesterday to reuse for just that purpose).

So don’t panic, don’t disappear, unless Tumblr changes its mind and actually kills blogs like mine it’ll still be a great place to learn, share, edge and play.


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