Role Reversal:Vien Therapy by mugen-nawashi

When she’d signed up for Denial Therapy she hadn’t done her research. As she lay there, bound and gagged the therapist leaned forward, rolling the scroll wheel which connected to the three vibrators hidden her short skirt.

‘The gag’s to help you stay quiet while you get used to this. You would have screamed just then, with pleasure, wouldn’t you?’

She nodded, the sensations between her legs were like nothing she’d ever…

The wheel moved up, and she arched her back, she felt like she was about to cum, already, right here.

‘Oh, are you close already? Don’t worry, this is nothing. I’m an expert at this, I can make it feel so, much, better’

She proved she could, the sensations keeping her right on the moment of pleasure, but never taking her over. This was unbelievable.

‘I’ll take the gag off, in half an hour or so. You’re going to be amazed at the things you tell me.’

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