That’s a good question!

There’s not a lot of female denial orgasm specific porn, almost always the women are made to cum in the end – which is why gifs work well as you’re only getting a snapshot of a scene and you can imagine however you want it to go.

I guess it’s really whatever takes your fancy. Try not to get stuck in a rut, explore the different categories on a site like pornhub or spankwire. The stuff from is often good, some of the ‘Training of O’ series are very hot.

I honestly don’t watch that much porn, I think it’s better to be creative, which is why I love the variety you can find on Tumblr that you can then add your own twists to.

Try some art and illustrated erotica too, just yesterday I posted from this fabulous blog: and the artist also has a blog of other erotica they rate highly: Just pick one you really like, and make up your own story for what’s going on – don’t just rely on lazy porn producers to do it all for you. Use your mind and creativity when enjoying porn and it will make you a better and sexier lover.

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