‘Give me your panties, I’m a bit messy’ he told her.
She picked them up off the floor by his desk and handed them over, watching as he wiped his slowly softening cock off on them, then threw them in his wastepaper bin.
‘But, Sir, I’m, full of you. It’s leaking already, I can feel it!’ she pleaded.
‘I know, sweetie, that was a big load, I expect your socks will be damp before long’. He chuckled as she blushed, he loved it when she blushed.
‘Now run along, Miss Clark will understand. She knows you’re my Teacher’s Pet. In fact, makes sure to tell her if she doesn’t notice, I think creampies are on the curriculum this week – she may want to let the rest of the class see.’
He grinned as her mouth fell open, enjoying the rare novelty of her being truly speechless.
Patting her bottom he led her to the door, ‘Walk nice and slowly for me, wear it with pride. Good girl.’

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