You tell her.

Seriously, that’s the best plan. 

‘You love teasing, so I think it might be really hot to see just how horny and desperate you get if we don’t let you cum for a bit longer…’

‘How long?!’

‘Well, I mean it could be, just a little longer than usual, getting you begging as I kiss and lick and rub you, like this… 

Or, maybe I’d do this to you through the day until you were a desperate dripping mess and then give you the best fucking orgasm you’ve ever had that night because you’d been such a good, horny, denied girl for me.

Then again, maybe you’ll find that insanely hot, being told ‘no’. Constantly aroused, thinking about sex the whole time. I wonder if you can handle a whole night like that, I’d reach out and touch you, make it worse. Kiss and fondle and maybe even fuck, all the while you still haven’t had that release. You’d be going out of your mind. I might even need to tie you up.

‘Just imagine being that desperate, the things you’d promise me, the secret fantasies I could get you to confess. All the while I make it worse, my fingers, my mouth, my cock, taking you deeper with every stroke’

Maybe that’d persuade her?

Then again, seriously, it might just not be her thing, and that’s cool too. But if she likes teasing it’s really unusual not to like denial. You just need to communicate better how hot and positive it can be.

Lots of things to help you on this blog too though. Reblog some posts to a private shared secondary blog and read them through with her.

And I find it can be a really icebreaker to suggest you are denied too. ‘Let’s both not cum till tonight and see just how horny we get and how good the orgasms are!’ is pretty hard to object too. And once she’s realised how insanely hot this is, and it really is. She’ll get why it’s a pleasure and not a punishment.

The one other thing to factor in is if she was in a previous D/s relationship she may have had denial used as a punishment against her. If that might be the case just talk it through and again use posts from this blog and similar ones to show how hot and fun it can be.

I hope that helps


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